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We do not put our faces to the things we do. The reason is
simple: it takes a village to raise a child. So, there is more than
one face involved in this organization. We would rather
introduce you to what we believe in and what we stand for.


Invest and create opportunities in the lives of
young people by developing their talents and
turning dreams into reality.


Build and strengthen future communities by
encouraging, empowering and enabling
young people to become the best they can be
through education, training and coaching.


The Cornal Hendricks Foundation (CHF)
would like to be able to provide bursaries for
young people toward their studies and
provide sport equipment for sportsmen and
women who will be competing on school
provincial level. CHF would like to establish
their own High Performance Centre (HPC) in
2020 where previously disadvantage youth
can develop their sport talent. This is Cornal’s
personal passion for the youth. He wants
them to experience that there are people who
still love and care for them and who believe in
them to reach their dreams and live their
potential. We believe that the youth who go
through the CHF HPC program will give back
in their different communities and become
role models for other youth. They will tell
people that their difficult circumstances do
not keep them from reaching their goal.
Cornal’s motto in life is: “You don’t have to live
in a big house, or drive a fancy car, or have a
lot of money to be successful in life. Just
believe in yourself and work hard to become


In 1995 our country united through sport,
therefore CHF have decided that we are
going to make a difference through sport in
our rural communities. Youth in the rural
areas love sport and are also very good at it.
There are many young people with great
talent and through sport we want to impact
their lives. Rugby clinics are developed and
connected with Life Skills and are Value
based. During these lessons we focus on
living with discipline, respect and most
important to reach their potential and
become leaders. “Without discipline, you
achieve much in life. You must have respect
for yourself, your teammates and other
people. You must always see yourself as a
winner and always love what you do.” “To put
shoes on youth’s feet, to wash their feet and
help them believe that dreams can come
true; was the most humbling experience for
me that I have ever experienced in my life.
There are millions of people worldwide who
dies yearly from not having shoes on their
feet.” We want to help alleviate this problem
and make it part of our mission to serve.


We have three core values that drives us and keep us in unity
as an organization: dream, hope and inspire. We are guided
by these three values in everything we do.
If a person do not dream, he/she is dying
from the inside out. We dream big for the
children of South Africa and our dreams
scares us. It is a good thing, right?
“…Endurance produces character and
character produces hope…” Wherever we go
we instill hope. When one has hope, dreams
can become true.
We strive to be an example of love, hope and
dreams to those without it, setting the
example, so that they can be the change
wherever they go.


During 2019, we aimed to ensure that the structure of our
clinics was fool-proof. Stability is one of the most important
aspects of reaching out to less-fortunate communities. And
therefore, we gave our everything when it came to the
clinics: from arriving on time to ending on time, and
presenting the clinics when we said we will present it. We
had three coaches during the year, with Cornal Hendricks
joining from time-to-time to encourage the children to grow
in their skills. A total of 200 children were reached at these
Rugby clinics were presented at:

Wagenmakersvallei Primary School, Wellington

Wellington Primary School, Wellington

Hillcrest Primary School, Wellington

Brandenburg Primary School, Wellington

Windmeul Primary School, Wellington

These clinics are used to reach the children through rugby,
but the aim is to build character, help them dream, inspire
and hope for a better future; becoming the best version of


We had the privilege of supporting Breyten Henkemann
financially as he joined the Sharks Academy for Rugby
Players for 2019.
Ashwill Dampies participated in the Grant Khomo rugby
week for 0/16’s. We supported him with rugby gear for this


Our Back 2 School project for 2019 was a huge success. We
reached 75 children with this project, equipping them with
school backpacks, stationery and school shoes.


There are 19 million children to
date in South Africa, and we
know it is a toll order to get to
every child in South Africa. But,
we had the absolute privilege of
reaching out Klein Begin crèche
at Wild Olive Farm in Southern
Cape and supporting 10 children with
foetal alcohol syndrome for the year.
Another way of impacting communities is through
leadership development. We partner with Mr. and Mrs. Gates on Sonop farm in Prins Alfred-Hamlet and do frequent leadership on the farm with the farm workers
“We are obliged (morally bound)to look after the
widows, the orphans and those in need.”-ANONYMOUS



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Rugby Clinics
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Back 2 School
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