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Chapter ONE Radio was established as a platform for up and coming artists in South Africa especially as it’s a cut throat environment. Through doing the most for our local artists , we have one other aspect that we would like to focus on. That goal is to empower the next generation with a basic skill in media and ensure that our people have a voice and stability within the media industry.

Through the year Chapter ONE has worked with multiple artists within the industry and has cultivated a wide following with well known names. Along our journey we also aim to assist local talents with Management and maintaining not only a high quality of music, but also assisting them in securing a stable future . Chapter ONE Radio along with our media side vow to always support our own people as much as we can to ensure a brighter future for all……..

Being an online radio station, Chapter ONE Radio knows no boundaries, has no reception limits and is truly a station for …..

“Entertaining YOU Like No Other “

John Blomerus – Owner

We present, Chapter ONE Radio

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